Pathways to Empowerment

The Zahra Foundation provides a ‘Pathways to Empowerment’ program which is a 9-week course (1 day per week) for women or non-binary people who have been affected by domestic and family violence.  The program aims to support participants to rebuild their lives after Domestic and Family Violence and create pathways into education, training and employment. This is achieved by breaking down social isolation, building life skills and confidence and connecting participants to opportunities, information and resources.

The program was selected as a finalist in the Adult Learner Week Industry Awards in 2018 and the Program Manager was selected as a finalist for Mentor/Tutor of the Year

Why do the Pathways to Empowerment program?

Past participants have said that building confidence in a safe learning environment helps to empower themselves to take up study, volunteering or employment options. This in turn increases financial independence and economically empowers participants.

“… I had never considered vocational or tertiary study as an option prior to attending the Pathways to Empowerment program … felt more confident to enrol in study.”  

When and where are the Pathways to Empowerment programs held?

The Pathways to Empowerment programs are free and are held one day per week over nine weeks, during school hours and terms.

There are four programs participants can choose from, all delivered across four locations in the Adelaide Metropolitan area. Northern Adelaide (Salisbury), Southern Adelaide (Hackam), Central Adelaide (Mile End), and Western Adelaide (Port Adelaide Enfield).

To express interest, please call 08 8352 1889 or email .

Programs to choose from:

  • Pathways To Empowerment – Healthy Communications 
  • Pathways to Empowerment – Healthy Decisions 
  • Pathways to Empowerment – Healthy Relationships 
  • Pathways to Empowerment – Healthy Futures 

Expressions of interest are being taken now for 2023 school terms. 

  • Term 1 Feb – April
  • Term 2 May – July
  • Term 3 August – September
  • Term 4 October – December

All programs run for 9 weeks, one day per week, between 9.30 am – 2.00 pm. Free lunch is provided for all participants and in some locations, free child care is provided.

Pathways to Empowerment Term 4 2023 Flyer can be downloaded here.

If you would like to enrol in any of the programs or have any questions: 

Contact the programs team via telephone 08 8352 1889 or email

This training is supported by the Government of South Australia.

“What I experienced was way more than I was expecting. I was previously a hairdresser and have run three businesses in my past. I have had experience and knowledge but this has helped me to build my confidence to get back to where I used to be. It is important for the participants to have opportunities to link to employers and volunteers jobs. This course has connected me with new people that I can relate to and helped me as I used to be isolated, now I feel free. It has given me wings.” Tanya