What We Offer

We recognise that financial abuse and disadvantage is one of the biggest barriers to women leaving and remaining free of abusive relationships. Zahra Foundation specifically aims to address this through the development and delivery of programs that promote the economic empowerment of women and their children. Creating pathways for women into further education, training and employment is crucial to supporting women to break the cycle of violence and poverty in their lives.

The work of Zahra Foundation is evidence based and supported by recent research and recommendations delivered by various peak bodies and leaders in the field. Promoting financial literacy and education has been identified as a key strategy in addressing the issue of domestic and family violence. These programs are complementary to initiatives that meet women’s immediate crisis needs such as safety, housing and counselling.

Download our programs overview brochure ‘HOPE’:

For an understanding of the various ways women affected by domestic violence can be financially abused, you can download a copy of the Economic Abuse Wheel.