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“… your nine week program changed my life. I feel like I have now rejoined society. Thank you Zahra Foundation!”

The Zahra Foundation is a non-for-profit charitable organisation and relies of the generosity of government, community sponsorship, fund raising and donations to support the programs that we provide to support women and families who have been affected by domestic and family violence.

We do this through the development and delivery of programs that promote the economic empowerment of women and create pathways for women into further education and employment.  In addition, we also provide specialist financial literacy and counselling services for women experiencing financial hardship and can provide small grants through our Opportunity Knox program.

The Zahra Foundation appreciates your consideration and action to make a donation to support our programs which can make a life-changing outcome for women and their families.

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If you would like to hold a fundraising event for Zahra Foundation Australia please get in contact with us. We are more than happy to help you promote your event and provide you with Zahra Foundation materials and a guest speaker to help make your event even more of a success.

You can download a copy of our Fundraising Agreement for completing and forward back to us.  The Fundraising Agreement outlines the requirements for you to enable permission to use our branding, hold raffles and auctions and source donations of goods and services on behalf of the Zahra Foundation.

We would love to hear from you so please call the Zahra Foundation Office and speak with our General Manager on 08 8352 1889 to see how we can work together.


We have tshirts available for sale at $25 each plus $10 postage.

These piggy banks are part of our economic empowerment strategy for clients. They hold $250 in $2 coins and are used to demonstrate to clients that its possible to save while on a budget. You can have one too, for $10 plus postage. They come in PURPLE or PINK.

Or you can use one for a fundraiser and take our “Piggyback Pledge”. Take the pledge to take one, fill it with gold and donate it back to us! Easy.

Call the office to order yours today. 8352 1889.


From time to time we seek skilled and event volunteers to support the administration and fundraising needs of our organisation. We advertise our volunteer positions via Volunteering SA & NT and Good Company.

We will also post information about volunteers required here and on our Facebook page.

Please note all volunteers will be required to provide a DCSI Children and Vulnerable Persons Check.


Leaving a Gift to Zahra Foundation Australia in your Will

Leaving a gift in your will to Zahra Foundation Australia is an enduring way for you to empower South Australian women and children to live a life free from violence and abuse.

Your bequest will support the ongoing development of our programs, services and opportunities that directly support families who have been affected by domestic and family violence.  The Zahra Foundation creates a meaningful impact by:

  • Creating pathways for women into further education and employment
  • Enhancing financial capability for women
  • Providing grants to women and their children to assist with the cost of obtaining and sustaining education and employment
  • Providing financial support at the point of crisis to support these families build a better life

If you wish to support us through a bequest we recommend that you seek independent legal advice before writing or amending your will. This will ensure the wording accurately reflects your wishes.

Your legal representative can talk to you about the different ways you can chose to leave a gift, either:

  1. Through nominating and leaving a specific amount of money
  2. Through leaving a share of your estate (what is left of your estate after payment of your debts and expenses and other gifts you may have made).

A clause in your will can be written as follows:

“I give to Zahra Foundation Australia (ACN: 27606985639) for its general purposes the sum of $(insert amount), free from all duties, deductions and charges. The receipt of an authorised officer for the time being of Zahra Foundation Australia shall constitute a full and sufficient discharge of my executors’ duties.”


“I direct that (insert %) of my residuary estate be given to Zahra Foundation Australia (ACN: 27606985639) for its general purposes. The receipt of an authorised officer for the time being of Zahra Foundation Australia shall constitute a full and sufficient discharge of my executors’ duties.”

Please send all information and legal correspondence to Zahra Foundation Australia, PO Box 3082, HILTON PLAZA, South Australia, 5033. If you would like to discuss your bequest, please call us.

“We are wanting to set up this foundation to help those whose situation we were in when we fled our family home. Thinking back now, my mother was the rock and the backbone of our family. Her positive outlook on life is a trait that I miss and will never forget. This particular trait is one we hope to capture with the foundation."

Arman Abrahimzadeh