About the Foundation

“Violence against women is a global problem receiving at last, serious international attention as a crime and a breach of human rights and justice.  Australia developed a National Plan in 2011 to reduce violence against women and their children and in 2015 there was a concerted national effort and focus to reduce domestic and family violence. To achieve success in reducing the extent, the degree and effects of such violence, requires all of us to be involved – governments, business, community organisations, service providers, education, sports and arts bodies and the media – and men and women individually and collectively.

The Zahra Foundation offers us all another way of engaging in this urgent and important work. As a woman living in South Australia, an advocate for women’s rights and gender equality, and as Chair of Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS), I give the Foundation my strong support.”

Emeritus Professor Anne R Edwards

Our Background

The establishment of the Zahra Foundation Australia was a collaboration between Zahra’s children and Women’s Safety Services SA (formerly Central Domestic Violence Service) to support women and their children to live a life free of violence and attain economic independence. The Zahra Foundations establishment involved input from the following project partners:

  • Atena, Arman and Anita Abrahimzadeh
  • Domestic Violence Crisis Line
  • Migrant Women’s Support Service
  • Northern Domestic Violence Service
  • Southern Domestic Violence Service
  • Yarredi Services, Port Lincoln

Zahra Foundation is co-located with Women’s Safety Services SA, the largest specialist domestic and family violence services in South Australia and maintains a close connection to all the South Australian domestic and family violence sectors.

Our Mission

To assist South Australian women and children affected by domestic and family violence, empowering them and providing pathways towards economic independence.

Our Vision

  • To instil HOPE and optimism in the lives of women and their children
  • To provide women and their children with a range of financial and educational OPPORTUNITIES
  • To build meaningful relationships and PARTNERSHIPS with the business and community sector
  • To deliver programs and create opportunities that promote women’s economic EMPOWERMENT

Our Brand

The Zahra Foundation logo features a distinctive Lotus flower. Across many cultures, the Lotus is symbolic of purity and beauty. This beautiful flower grows and emerges from dark, muddy waters. The red Lotus in particular is representative of love and compassion, and is often depicted fully open symbolising ‘ideal state of heart’. The flower has been illustrated with reference to traditional Persian artwork – reflecting Zahra’s cultural background. Deep pinks and reds have been chosen to represent Zahra’s strength, beauty and presence, while Purple is symbolic of women suffrage.

Our Board

Maurine Pyke QC – Chairperson
Atena Abrahimzadeh – Deputy Chairperson
Koby Lockett – Treasurer, PKF Adelaide Accounting
Rebecca Miller – Fundraising Professional
Ross Wait – General Manager, Power Community Ltd (PAFC)

Annual Reports

The Zahra Foundation Annual Reports provides an overview of the accomplishments of the Foundation since inception.  You can view our Annual Reports online via the links below.  In addition, if required copies are available by phoning the Zahra Foundation Office on 8352 1889.

“The foundation aims to assist women who have been threatened and abused in the hands of their partners. And mothers that want to save their children from violent homes. The goal of the foundation is to empower these women to stand on their own feet. This foundation will also be a tribute to women who sadly lost their lives in search for hope of a better life for themselves and their children.”

Atena Abrahimzadeh