Zahra Foundation Australia supports women and non-binary folk affected by domestic and family violence through programs and financial counselling services. By facilitating pathways into further education, training, and employment, we empower our participants to break the cycle of abuse.

We are one of the leading non-government, not-for-profit services in South Australia, providing trauma and violence informed specialist financial counselling and recovery and healing programs for people recovering from family and domestic violence in South Australia. Our tailored programs and financial counselling services promote economic empowerment and support women and non-binary folk on the journey to recovery and financial independence.

Zahra Foundation Australia works to address the issue of gendered violence through its innovative programs, advocacy for change and community awareness. The Zahra Foundation develops its programs and services through a co-design process with survivor advocates and is a policy innovator in its mission to break the cycle of domestic abuse.

How do we break the cycle of domestic abuse?

  • Quality services that are trauma and violence-informed and grounded in best practice and research.
  • Listening to, learning from, and centring the voices of lived experience.
  • Culturally responsive and safe practice.
  • Partnering with corporates, Government, community and stakeholders.
  • Advocacy and community awareness.
  • Informing policy and research using the Foundation’s service delivery data, outcomes and clients’ feedback and consultation.

Our Vision, Purpose and Values

Our Vision

Every woman in Australia recovering from domestic and family violence is economically empowered and safe.

Our Mission

Every woman in Australia has access to trauma-violence informed specialist recovery and healing programs supporting economic empowerment and breaking the cycle of violence.

Our Values

• To instil HOPE and optimism in the lives of women and their children
• To provide women and their children with a range of financial and educational OPPORTUNITIES
• To build meaningful relationships and PARTNERSHIPS with the business and community sector
• To deliver programs and create opportunities that promote women’s economic EMPOWERMENT