Checking it twice with Zahra Foundation Gifts for Good campaign

For those putting their Christmas list together Zahra Foundation are encouraging gifting with purpose through their Gifts for Good campaign.

During the Christmas season domestic violence and abuse rises by 26%, a frightening statistic at a time when women and children should feel safe, connected and loved. However, for many survivors of domestic violence Christmas time can be extremely isolating and stressful.

The ramifications of abuse go on long after the Christmas season has ended. So, the Zahra Foundation are urging givers to select a gift that will change someone’s life and help to break the cycle of abuse.

Launching at the start of December, the Zahra Foundation Gifts for Good Christmas Catalogue will provide the opportunity for givers to purchase a special voucher that will go towards supporting the delivery of life-changing programs or services. In return the giver will receive a unique Christmas card to give to friends and family to show the impact they have made, helping to change a women’s life.

Past client Sarah* says, “When you leave domestic violence you feel scared, you feel unsure and confused, you feel shame and you feel alone. Services like Zahra Foundation offer somewhere for women like me to feel safe, to gain the tools to stand on our own two feet … to provide for our families and gain knowledge and an education.”

Zahra Foundation Chairperson, Natasha Malani said it was enormously important for the South Australian public to get behind the social impact gift-giving campaign, “Most women who experience domestic violence will attempt to leave an abusive relationship multiple times before successfully and permanently doing so. By giving a Zahra Foundation gift, you are supporting a woman to learn how to re-build their self-esteem, back their decision-making abilities and break the cycle of violence for good. We encourage South Austarlian’s to give generously to our Gifts for Good campaign this Christmas.”

The Christmas Catalogue can be found at until Christmas Day.