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Did you know that at Christmas time domestic violence increases by over 26%? Imagine… When you should be spending time with family and friends, you are fearing for your life! We need to stop this violence and change women’s lives. Your support of the Zahra Foundation can help break the cycle of violence and save a woman’s life this Christmas.

It is vitally important for women to recover from the isolation, abuse and coercion of domestic and family violence. In Australia, more than one woman a week is murdered by her partner or former partner – a shocking statistic.

The Zahra Foundation programs and services can provide that support, building economic independence, self-esteem and belief in their own futures.

A Christmas gift from the Zahra Foundation will change someone’s life! When you chose one of the Zahra Foundation’s Gifts for Good, a woman who has experienced domestic violence can find a safer path to self-empowerment and financial freedom. Don’t let more South Australian women die, help us break the cycle of violence and support women to build a life after domestic violence.

Your giving will allow us to deliver a safer future for women who really need it.

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